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William Leslie IV

Communal Chair

Get To Know Me...

Professional Skills

June 2011 - Current

William Leslie IV is the co-founder of the bioactive beet
juice brand Red Ace Organics. He effectively uses
his voice as a marketing promoter and public speaker
for his company. You can catch him on Fox, CBS, ABC
and NBC promoting his Red Ace brand. For the past
decade, his leadership activities include securing capital,
crafting food science knowledge while overseeing all
federal and state regulatory matters, coordinating
intellectual property assets including trademarks,
copyrights, and formulas. His expertise and business
prowess makes him a experienced leader in the professional world.

Life & Community

William is a stout supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and actively engages in social justice initiatives through organizations like The Center on Colfax, Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, One Colorado, Human Rights Campaign and The Matthew Shepard Foundation. He is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, making sure that he lifts up his community by advocating to fight social injustices.

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