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Ways We Help

At our non-profit, we promote relationship building as a way to foster meaningful connections between individuals, communities, and the environment. Our mission is to strengthen these relationships, encouraging being in ‘right’ relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the Earth. We prioritize reciprocal relationships to keep our ancestral traditions alive and perpetuate indigenous ceremonies and rituals for future generations.



Dismantling Trauma

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Belonging through Unity



Reconnecting to Indigeneity



Transforming Lives through Story


S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating projects that use an innovative, holistic, and compassionate approach to decolonization, integration, re-indigenization, and transformation. Our projects are designed to meet the unique needs of the communities we serve. Learn more about our projects and how you can get involved.


S.A.C.R.Ed Healing

Decolonizing Healing


Holding Space

Growing and Thriving

Recording Music

Lift Every Voice
Podcast Program

Empowering Others

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Rites of Passage

Honoring Our Indigeneity


S.A.S.I. Farms

Seed Preservation and Culturally Relevant Foods

At S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center, we are dedicated to the preservation of seed-keeping and the promotion of horticulture therapy. It's about healing our relationship with nature and creating reciprocity. That is why we created the Sacred Ancestors Seed Initiative. As a hybrid social entrepreneurship model, the farm will be an exclusive revenue stream for the non-profit. Our mission is to ensure the continuation of our ancestral tradition of creating resilient and diverse biodiversity. By preserving seeds, we are safeguarding the future of our planet and empowering communities to cultivate sustainable and culturally relevant food sources. Our seed bank and library are just two examples of how we keep ancient traditions alive and pass them on to future generations while adapting to modern times.

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Seed Bank and Library


Empowering Future Generations

We believe in the power of community engagement. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to educate and inspire individuals of all ages to become active participants in environmental conservation and sustainable living. By working together, we can create a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Holding Space and Grant Collaborations

At S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center, we are committed to supporting local farmers and promoting their products. By purchasing from local farmers, we not only contribute to the local economy but also reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in the importance of sustainable agriculture and the value of knowing where our food comes from. We are working to provide space for other BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and disability led businesses. In doing so, the collaboration reduces overhead and provides another opportunity for grant collaborations in sharing funding resources.

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