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Join Our Maui Relief Efforts

At S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center, we are dedicated to helping those affected by the devastating trauma of the Lahaina fires. We understand the importance of community and how providing immediate assistance can make a huge impact on rebuilding and healing. We are working closely with other organizations in the area and are dedicated to ensuring that those who need direct aid are getting the support they need. Our team are providing links and QR codes to help people easily and quickly find the necessary resources and funding to these individuals and families that need this immediate support.

~ Mahalo Nui Lao


*No monies are processed through S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center and only benefit the individuals and organizations directly

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Our board member, Morgynne Tora, is a member of Shades of Honey. Their efforts are representative of the communities we uplift. 

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Tangatailoa Family

Everyone in the Tangatailoa Family is displaced right now, 30 members. They are currently sharing condos in Kihei. They have all lost everything in the fire - all 5 homes. The grandparents, Suli and Kalolo, moved to Lahaina from the Kingdom of Tonga in the ‘80s and the next four generations have been growing up there. Your donations can make a difference. Check out their feature story on Hawai'i News Now.

Send Payments

Family Members are accepting payments directly through Venmo, as that is the quickest way to disburse funds to get the things they need to rebuild and heal:


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