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S.A.C.R.Ed Eco-Center Welcomes You

The touching of foreheads is an ancient greeting that honors the heart and soul of another human being. Amongst the Maori, it is nose to nose, forehead to forehead and called hongi. The Hawaiians call it honi and it is practiced amongst the Tibetans and the desert Bedouins. For the priestesses of Astera, this is how we bless the Beloved. Third eye to third eye – sharing the sacred breath.” – Gaia Codex

Our Mission,Vision and Purpose

Mission Statement:

Healing through our Indigeneity.



Through our 4 pillars: decolonization, integration, re-indigenization and transformation; we can hold brave, safe spaces for our communities to thrive and emerge as change agents, healers and leaders.


We provide mental health access, food security and advocacy through community relationships.

Our Work

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